About Us

quinsolo.com is an online shop based out of Texas that utilizes our local Dallas Makerspace for the creation of our products. Founded during the 2017 cycle, quinsolo’s original goal was to support the Bitcoin Lightning Network by giving users a place to use the new technology and receive tangible items for an affordable amount of sats.

We are a small, independent business run solely by a married couple. We are excited and honored to earn BTC in this peer to peer manner, in lieu of using a standard exchange. Thanks to the success of open source projects like WordPress and BTCPay Server, quinsolo is able to host our shop and payment processing without the need of a 3rd party. We have our own full node that allows us to verify every transaction independently. “Don’t Trust, Verify” is a view point we take very seriously.

quinsolo is a Bitcoin first company that prioritizes decentralization and privacy. We believe in the Bitcoin Standard. We are adamant HODLers, meaning we don’t sell the satoshis we receive through product purchases. And all coins sent to the shop are mixed using open source bitcoin privacy projects, Wasabi Wallet or Samourai Whirlpool.

If your views align with ours, and you are financially stable, please consider donating some funds to one of the projects that help keep us afloat!

Donate to Dallas Makerspce
Donate to BTCPay Server