Bitcoin Piggy Bank Random Selection Process

In order to be transparent, we are showing how our selection process for the giveaway is done.

First the twitter and mastodon users who participated are inputed into a data set and a number is assigned.

1 @kornhunter2
2 @fratrad
3 @JennySprouse2
4 @Nifty_Nick_
5 @AidenPa11544453
6 @LowngSnake
7 @SJB6991
8 @Cryptoboii1
9 @jpetty2016
10 @KalinLalov
11 @BMaier90
12 @HiroJaShibe
13 @HughNQ09
14 @ItsTiktakk
15 @alyciamsnow
16 @BitcoinEdu
17 @JoshPack18

Second, We used to generate a random sequence. Screen record of actual selection process below.


The numbers produced correspond to the winners.

Congrats to @fratrad, @LowngSnake, and @SJB6991!