Lightning Scavenger Hunt

In an effort to encourage use of the Lightning Network, is hosting a Lightning Scavenger Hunt on our website. There are 15 invoices hidden throughout our site and social media accounts, each for a single satoshi. After they are paid, these invoices can be redeemed for discounts or free bitcoin products on If you are the first user to collect all 15 invoices, you will receive the grand prize of every quinsolo product (one of each item).

Find 5 invoices: bitcoin vinyl decal with free shipping
Find 10 invoices: lightning magnet or 10% off
Find 13 invoices: bitcoin magnet
Find 14 invoices: 25% off
First to find all 15 invoices: Grand prize of every quinsolo product

Rules and Details:

There are 15 lightning invoices hidden throughout and the quinsolo social media accounts, each for a single satoshi. Some will be in a noticeable hyperlink or tweeted out openly, but others could be buried deep within the pages and products of quinsolo.

After you locate and pay the invoices, you will be directed to a page to enter a name and contact email address. This information is needed in order to claim your invoices for free products. It does not need to be your real name, but we do need an email to send you the coupon information. quinsolo will never sell or distribute your information.

Redeem your paid invoices here when you’re ready to get your free products. Each user can only claim one prize so be sure you’ve found as many as you can before you submit for your coupon code.

The competition ends on bitcoin block 587,723. The winner will be announced on twitter as soon as the prize is claimed or the block height has been reached.

If no user has found all 15 invoices by the end date, the user with the highest amount of invoices collected will be given the grand prize. If multiple users have located the same amount of invoices, a single user will be randomly selected to receive the grand prize.

If you want to participate but aren’t yet running a lightning node, Pierre Roschard has put together a great how to guide. It’s a really easy setup that needs no technical experience as long as you have Windows or Mac OSX.