Citadel Dispatch Flask



This is a faux leather wrapped 6 oz hip flask laser etched with the Citadel Dispatch logo.

Citadel Dispatch is an interactive live show about bitcoin, distributed systems, privacy, and open source software, hosted by Matt Odell. Matt is also the co-founder of OpenSats, a non-profit focused on facilitating donations to Bitcoin and open source project developers.

A portion of the proceeds from this product are being donated to OpenSats and Citadel Dispatch. One third of the profits will be donated to the OpenSats general fund and another third will be given to Matt Odell to continue his work on the Dispatch live show.

Feel comfortable knowing the purchase of this flask is helping contribute to Bitcoin and other free open source software.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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