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Nic Carter’s FUD dice are back with 11 new Bitcoin critiques.

The original FUD dice and critique guide allowed users to effortlessly automate their objections to Bitcoin by a simple roll of the dice. For 2019, Nic Carter and Castle Island Ventures have put together 11 new FUD filled critiques that you can use to streamline your arguments against Bitcoin.

These are 12 sided dice with 11 unique FUD topics in addition to the Castle Island Ventures logo.

FUD listed includes:
Silk Road
Unstable Fees
China Control
Satoshi Coins
Boiling Oceans
Doesn’t Scale
Gini Coefficient
Forks Inflate
No Merchants

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to BTCPay Server development. Buy a die and help support a great open source project that is building on bitcoin.

This specific item is for two FUD dice. Click here if you are interested in purchasing a single die.

We are very thankful to be the official merchant of Nic Carter’s FUD Dice. Follow Nic on Twitter (@nic_carter) and Medium.

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