Shipping and Returns

All items sold by quinsolo are made or prepped by hand. As a result, we are not able to keep a large stock immediately available.
After your order has been placed, your items will ship within 1 to 5 business days after the payment has been processed.
Shipping times and cost estimates will be available upon checkout.

All sales are final.
If there is an issue with an order, a replacement item may be shipped to you or store credit will be offered.

Shipping Prices
Below is a list of shipping price examples by location and weight. We apologize for the USPS rates being higher for our friends outside of the US. We are constantly looking for better prices and options when shipping internationally.


Destination Weight (oz) Price (USD) Package Type (USPS First Class)
Australia <.25 4 Letter (No Tracking)
<8 18 Package
<16 24.50 Package
Europe <.25 4 Letter (No Tracking)
<8 18 Package
<16 24.50 Package
Canada & Mexico <.25 3.50 Letter (No Tracking)
<5 12 Package
<8 15 Package
<16 16 Package
U.S. <.25 0.95 Letter (No Tracking)
<5 3.75 Package
<8 4.5 Package
<16 7 Package


If you need assistance or have any questions, contact